Concept, choreographer and researcher: Helle Siljeholm , Co-creating performer and sound design: Ilios, Co-creating performers: Pernille Holden and Marianne Kjærsund , Curator and research: Kika Kyriakakou, PCAI Artistic Director, Curator and costume design: Poka Yio, Production: Vassia Magoula, Vicky Tsirou

Searching for the Oracle is part of Siljeholm’s ongoing and long-term project “The Mountain Body”, based on the development of unique site-specific works in different locations. Together and over time these works and processes form a “mountain range” inspired by the nomadic movements of the continental shelves and the land surface, which are always in motion across borders and in various stages of transformation. The sites, research, and interventions that make up this mountain range can be understood as a community; a whole, that while possessing individual characteristics, is collectively rooted in one another, much like the ecosystems we depend on for survival.